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1.  Bobby R. Huggins book reports the date of birth as 19 Mar 1685/1686, Rockland Manor, Shell Pot Creek, New Castle, Pennsylvania, (now Delaware).  

2.  In 1710 Abraham moved to Cecil County, Maryland. He bought 582 acres of land from Patient (Gov of Virginia.), Winchester, Fredrick County, Virginia in 1732 and moved there in 1733.

3.  Abraham's home was "Abram's Delight" located SW Winchester, Virginia, (the log cabin and the great stone house still stands today and is one of the tourist attractions in the town of Winchester today, and is recognized today as one of the founding fathers of that city.   

    The beautiful photo was taken by a cousin Jim Henderson, who kindly e-mailed it to Susan Wyatt in September 2007 with the following information:  If you are near Winchester - and have not yet visited "Abrams Delight" - estate and home of Abraham--Excerpts from "Pioneers of Old Monocacy:  The Early Settlement of Frederick Co., Maryland 1721-1743 Abraham Hollingsworth accounding to the Minutes of the Nottingham (Pennsylvania) Monthly meeting in 1739 was "under dealings and absent from home."  Family tradition claims he paid first a cow, a calf and a piece of red cloth to the Shawnee Indians for his land.   But, on November 23, 1732 he received a survey for 582 acres within the limits ofan order of Council granted to Alexander Ross.  First moved to Cecil County Maryland, in 1732, bought from Alexander Ross, his patent from Governor of Virginia 582 acres of land near Winchester, Va. and built home called "Abrams Delight" Southwest of Winchester, Virginia on a branch of Abraham's Creek at the head of Shawnee Springs and errected the first flour mill in the county.  Attended meetings at East Nottingham, Pennsylvania Mm 150 miles from home.  Abrams Delight is still standing and is an historic home open for public visitation. He resided in Frederick County until 1774 when he moved to Dunmore (now Shenandoah County, Virginia and resided there until 1777 when he moved to North Carolina and later to Laurens County, South Carolina.

4.  He made a Will dated 23 Sep 1748 that shows ownership of 1,232 acres of land, it was probated and recorded 1 Nov 1748, in Frederick County, Virginia.  This writer has a copy of the will thanks to one Robert L. Vandegrift's CD.

5.  A book "Houses Virginians Have Loved", by Agnes Rothery, 1973, gives a glowing history of the Abraham Hollingsworth family in Virginia

6.  Abraham is buried behind the O'Sullivan Rubber Plant in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia.


Altrenate place of birth:  Frederic County, Virginia

Marriage Notes for Abraham "Abram" Hollingsworth and Anne(a) ROBINSON-15611

1.  Bobby R. Huggins book says Abraham married Ann Robinson on Mar 13, 1709/1710 in Winchester, Frederick, Virgina.

2.  Married in the home of his grandfather, Valentine Hollinsgwort, Frederick, Virginia


1.  Silar was a Texas Ranger.


1.  Bobby R. Huggins book gives alternate date of birth for Elizabeth:   8 Jan 1694/1695


1.  On 7 Jul 1753 out of Chester, Pennsylvania, George married outside of unity...

Thomas STROUD “Jr”

1.  Thomas was disowned 2 Oct 1738...[From Quaker Church]