Selected Families and Individuals


Kathy Charlene "Dusty" JACKSON

1.  Charlene and her boyfried, Ralph Rocky Jackson,  were convicted of murder of her husband, Chris Randall Brown in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Ralph was supposedly released from prison in 2002.

3.. Charlene was convicted of Conspiracy to Murder and received 7 year sentence, although she only served 4 years, being released from prison on 13 Sep 1989.

2.  There was a movie, "Matter Of Justice" that was released by Halmark in November 1993 that was a two-part, four-hour long episode with Actress Patty Duke, Martin Sheen, and Kyla Pratt as the stars.

3.  The movie was pretty "one-sided" and certainly dipected Ada, Oklahoma, as a hick town...and  I was surprised that the Chamber of Commerce would allow such since it was supposed to be a true story.

4.  Charlene had a daughter "Erica __________?" while in prison and has let her half brother Ronnie Gray adopt and raise her out in California.

5.  Charlene had a son after getting out of prison that she did not see, but, adopted out to a couple from California.  (No names available as this time)

6.  Charlene was released from prison in  (2000) and was living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, then over in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This is the last I of ever heard of her.

7.  Charlene possibly married a Mr. Shorten and a Mr. Burns plus a Mr. Hood as she used the names Kathy Hood, Kathy Shorten, & Debrah Burns.  

8.  She is still loved very much by her family and we all wish her the best.


1.  It has been reported to me that Mrs. Brown was battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy as of December 4, 2008.  (Not confirmed or documented)