Selected Families and Individuals


Jonathan HARDIN

1.  Jonathan Hardin was a State Senator.

2.  He wrote a nice long letter to his brother Joab explaining family situations after his father's death and the execution of the estate by his 1/2 sister Ivanna's husband Judge John Lindsey Lafferty.  [Hardin Forum]

George Washington HARDIN "Sr"

1.   It is not known for sure who his mother was:  Peel, Holly Bagley, or Sarah Drake.

William MADDOX "I"

1.  Moved to Chatham, North Carolina, then to Hickman, Tennessee.  In the book, History of Hickman County, TN it describes William Maddock who build his house there in 1809 and later moved to Arkansas and killed himself.

2.  1850 Van Buren County US Census.

1.  According to family history as told by Ada Mae Maddox, grandaughter of Nicholas Maddox, to a researcher and relative named Denise Maddox, there were 5 sons in this family and 1 daughter.

2.  There is a court order from the Monroe County, Mississippi orphan court dated 7 Apr 1824 appointing William Maddox guardian of the orphan Melinda Maddox.  From this it can be concluded that both of Matilda's parents had died, and that her oldest brother William was appointed guardian of the youngest sister Melinda.

3.  Barbara Ristow, ggg-granddaughter of Nicholas reports that William settled on the Elk River in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  His wife was the sole survivor of an Indian massacre in Pennsylvania.