Selected Families and Individuals


David WEAVER "Sr"

1.  David was captured near Atlanta, July 22, 1864, by General Sherman's Army and was a prisoner of war at the military prison in Louisville, Kentucky.  

2.  He was discharged from there and sent to Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio,  on Aug 1, 1864, where he appears on a roll on March 1864 as a shoemaker.

3.  He must have died while in the service as POW.

4.  The family appears on the Cherokee County Census of 1850.


1.  Rachel seems to  have been living next door to her sister in Clark County, Arkansas, and listed as a widow, head of household.

2.  Alternate date of marriage....11 Jun 1842 from Family Search

Marriage Notes for Thomas B. Couch and Rachel WEAVER-7002

1.  Alternate date of marriage.....6 Nov 1842 in Hall County, Georgia.


1.  Silas and his brother Simeon moved from Lumpkin County to Cherokee County.

2.  They both went West to California in search of gold about 1850, and reportedly returned with enough funds to purchase land.

3.  Silas bought Lot Nos 260, 280, 281, and 297 in Cherokee County.

4.  He and his brother both fought in the Civil War in Battle of Vicksburg, and were both taken prisoner of war.  After their release they both returned to their plantation homes in Cherokee County.

5.  He was a farmer.

6.  Some of his children moved to Texas.

Parthena TATUM

1.  There was a William Tatum who married Parthenia Thurmond 13 Aug 1811...maybe he was Parthena Tatum's brother....

Simeon Edward "Sim" WEAVER

1.  As a result of his good fortune in the Gold fields of California, Simeon purchased land in Cherokee County near his brother Silas.  His lots were 321, 291, & 292.

2.  After fighting in Civil War (Battle of Vicksburg), he was a POW,  he moved to Cooke County, Texas.


1.  Information from James K. Bass, Jr. (Book) The Weaver Familes of Georgia" Vol 1.

2.  This writer cannot find any connection with this Peter to Peter W. "Rocky" Wearver what-so-ever, nor can I even find him listed anywhere else.


1.  Newton enlisted in The Civil War in Spring of 1862, Company "K" 24th Regiment of Georgia Vol. Infantry.

2.  He died in Battle Gettesburg at Rank of Second Lieutenant.

3.  Application for pension 20 Jun 1891...

Nancy A. STONE

1.  Richard Jones reports Nancy was born in Habersham County, Georgia.

2.  She applied for a WIDOW'S APPLICATION FOR A PENSION in Baxter County, Arkansas by 1891, examined and approved July 1, 1892 for $25.00.  

3.  She also applied for a CONFEDERATES WIDOW'S APPLICATION FOR A PENSION, and gave her address as Fitzhugh, Postoffice, Pontotoc County, filed July 16, 1915, approved Oct. 7, 1915.  She said she had been living in the State of Oklahoma for 22 years, which would put her in Oklahoma Indian Territory about 1893.  She also gave her birth place as Raybun County, Georgia, her age as 79, Oct. 24, 1915.

Marriage Notes for Newton P Weaver and Nancy A. STONE-7147

1.   Habersham County, Georgia Marriage Records (FHL 2,365, 798 Item 2, Book B Page 131)

Sophena W. "Sophia" WEAVER

1.  1870 Census...No record of marriage....