Selected Families and Individuals


Elizabeth FOX

1,  Elizabeth Fox is a descendant of none other than George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement.

Valentine "The Imigrant" HOLLINGSWORTH "I"

1. The place of birth should be Parish of Seagoe instead of Legoe according to The Johns Connections P. 117-252...[Tom Hollingsworth shows Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland]   Could even be "Deago".

2. This family lived in Armagh County Ireland...sailed from Belfast on ship, "Welcome", to Christiana Hundred Delaware...10 Dec 1682...[Tom Hollingsworth states that he has not found a listing for Valentine  in the passenger list of the Welcome] The correct ship was most likely the  "Antelope" .

3. There is some question that the ship may have been named "Antelope" 9th or 10th Dec 1682...

4. Yet another source...THE HOLLINGSWORTHS IN KNOX COUNTY INDIANA, page 1 says the ship Bristol that arrived 25 May 1682.

5.  Nevertheless, by 1682, Valentine had had enough of the conditions in Ireland.  William Penn had been in his area of Ireland and had promised religious freedom to him and to his family in America, so on the 25th day of the 5th month of 1682, Valventine asked Long Monthly Meeting for a certificate of removal for himself and his family.  His son, Samuel Hollingsworth, in making a deposition before the mayor of Philadelphia, siad taht they came into Pennsylvania in the latter part of 1682 and were at Chester, Pennsylvania, on the day William Penn arrived there.  Valentine arrived on the Delaware River about a month prior to the arrival of William Penn.  He was a signer of William Penn's Great Charter for Province of Pennsylvania.   

6.  Valentine was a weighty and prominent member of Logan's Monthly Meeting of the Irish Quakers.  He is frequently mentioned in the minutes of that group which began around 1670.   He served on committees, was a delegate to the yearly meetings held in Belfast, Ireland, and was a witness to many marriages.   

7. Will 1749 Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Johns Connections P. 117-252...

8.  Bobby Huggins booklet states that Valentine & Ann Ree got married 7 Jun 1655 in Down County, Parish of Shankill, Ireland.  [Tom Hollingsworth reports place as Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland]   [Another source gave 7 Apr 1655][Stewart's book shows 7 Jun 1655 too]

9.  Valentine is buried in Friends Burying Ground at New Ark Meeting near his rsidence, East side of the Brandywine, on the half acre of land given to the New Ark Monthly Meeting, Newark, Delaware, in 1687 for a burying place on land he gave.  Since the Quakers shunned tombstones, no marker for him or for his second wife exists, although a modern memorial has been erected.

10.   By 1800, his many descendants had spread throughout the South and into Indiana;  and today his descendants may be found in nearly every large city in America.

11.  Sources:  Data is from files of J. Selwyn Hollingsworth and Kay D'Auan King McNeel, P. O. Box 1898, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

12.  There are family periodicals:  
       (a)  "The Hollingsworth Heritage" based upon the descendants of Valentine"
       (b)  "Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. Society", 18 Westover Road, Newport News, Virginia - 23601-3928.
       (c)  A book which lists many of the early descendants, "Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr.", published by P. Morton & Company, Inc. 1925, Louisville, Kentucky.

13.  Meeting of the Friends were generally held at his house;  from 1686 to 1710, he was the Superintendent of the Monthly Meetings.

14.  He disposed of his property before his death, receiving from his sons an annuity until his death.  He was a member of the Assembly in 1683, also in 1687 and 1695 from New Castle County, and Justice of the Peace in 1695 for the same County.

15.  On May 23, 1936 there was a large granite stone unveiled in the old Newark burying ground in the memory of Valentine Holligsworth, with a suitable inscription and the family Coat of Arms engraved thereon.  The final erection of the monument was due to the efforts of one of his descendants, Mr. Morris Mancel Hollingsworth, Landenberg, Pennsylvania, who aroused interest of other descendants and procured subscriptions from them for it.  The dedication was witnessed by a gathering of descendants and friends, with appropriate addresses being made by Mr. Hollingsworth,  chairman, Edward W. Cooch,  Esq., Lieutenant-Governor of Delawaree, and Mr. Ralph W. Cawthrop, the latter two men also being descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth.  Mr. Cooch's address was subsequently published in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine of September, 1936.  (p.8, The Hollingsworth Family of Screven County, Georgia, by D. D. Hollingsworth, Sylvania, Georgia, published by Dixon Hollingwworth, Sylvester, Georgia, 1952.)   Photo courtes of Randy Hollingsworth.

16.  LDS records show Baptism & Endowments performed in Dallas Temple....but, the Dallas temple was not in existance at the dates shown.


1.  Bobby R. Huggins book gives marriage date as 12 Apr 1672 in County Armagh, Ireland.

2.  Ann died in Rockland Manor, Shell Pot Creek, New Castle, Pennsylvania, which is  now Delaware.

3.  William B. Hollingsworth's book reports that Ann Calvert buried at New Ark Monthly Meeting.


1.  Alternate death date...26 Nov 1690...


1.  Henry left England in 1631 to escape persecution of Quakers.

2.  He settled in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

3.  His religion was Quaker or Friends Church.

4.  Henry & Catherine's home was listed as Bellyvickcrannell Parish of Seago (Segoe), in County Armagh, Ireland at the time of their son Valentine's birth, which, could indicate that he was born in Ireland, however, some researchers say he was born in Cheshire, England.

5.  Conflicting information from files of Dr. J. Selwin Hollingsworth indicates the following:  Henry was a tenant farmer, a yeoman, a man at arms in time of rebellion.

6.  The only direct record of Henry is in the "British Museum Additional Manuscript" number 4770, folio 29, the Muster Roll of the Ulster Plantation, 1630, County Armagh, Ireland.  His is the fifth name of 24 tenants on the 2,000 acre estate held by Richard Cope and Michael Obins.  The land lay just east of the present town of Portadown in County Armagh.  Included in the land held by Cope, was the Townland of Ballyvickcrannell (Balleniskrannel) ( standardized spellin on modern Ordinance Survey maps is Ballymacrandal).  The muster included able-bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60 years.  He fled from England to Ireland to escape the persecution of the Church of England-dominated government, which, persecuted Quakers.  The ancestral estate of Hollingsworth Manor, located near Cheshire, England, was held by an ancient Saxon family by the name of Hollingsworth as early as 1022.

7.  Doug Hollingsworth, 322 West Broadway, Bangor, ME 04401 writes:  JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH AND HENRY HOLLINGSWORTH

We are still left with the question of the parentage of John Hollinsworth of Ballinakill.  Our best lead comes from a pair of articles that appeared in the Hollingsworth Register in 1991 (Volume 27, Numbers 2 and 3).  Harry Hollingsworth reported that he had found a record that there was a Hen Hollingsworth in the 1655 Subsidy Roll for the Liberties of Donore, County Dublin.  In 1666 the entry reads Henry Hollingsworth, and in 1668 it is Hen Hollings.  Harry was unable to find this Henry anywhere else.

Harry believed that this was Henry, father of Valentine.  However, it should be noted that Henry Hollinworth had to have been born at least by 1712 to reasonably be the father of Valentine, born 1732.  In that case, Henry Hollingsworth would have be be at least 56 years old in 1668, elderly for that time.  If Valentine had older siblings, his father would have had to have been born even earlier---possibly before 1700.

I think that it is more likely that the Henry Hollingsworth was a brother of Valentine who who settled in urban Dublin instead of the bleakness of County Armagh.

The discovery of Henry Hollingsworth in Dublin in the 1660s occasioned Harry Hollingsworth to muse on the other Irish Hollingsworth entries of the period.  He points out that Francis, Hugh, and John Hollinworth appear as privates in the Muster of Dublin, taken 16th April, 1644.  Assuming that they were then men in their late teens or early 20s, they would have been born between 1620 and 1630---just the right age to be the elder brothers of Valentine.

According to the Hollingsworth Register, Francis and John reappear later in the Irish records.  Francis Hallinworth, Gent is mentioned in the 1659 Census for the townland of Rathowen, Parish of Rathaspick, Barony of Maygoish, Westmeath (west of Dublin).  Harry Hollingsworth reports that there were only 12 people in Rathown at the time, of which only 2 were English, probably Francis and his wife.  It is unclear whether there were minor children in Francis' household in 1659.

John Holinworth was witness (with Henry Gambell and Robert Road) on behalf of John Hall of Kilmanham, County Dublin, who was seeking compensation for injuries sustained while working in a quarry.  Although the petition is undated, the reply from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland is dated 26 April, 1664.

There is not further mention of Hugh Hollinworth in the Irish records.  There are mentions of Ralph Hollingworth, Dean of the Tuam Diocese of the Church of Ireland and his son Anthony in the 1660s, and a Raphaell Hollingsworth who died in Dublin in 1668.

I believe that it is likely that at least one of these men---Henry, Francis, Hugh, John, Ralph, or Raphaell Hollingswoth---is not only a brother of Valentine, but the ancestor of John Hollinsworth of Ballinakill.  I think the next task is to find out what we can about the Irish Hollingsworths of the 17th century.

Catherine CORNISH

1.  Catherine was born in Cheshire, England...

2.  Katheran is listed in birth & death record book of Lurgan, Quaker Monthly Meeting, 1675.

3.  Dr. J. Selwin Hollingsworth reports that Catherine's name appears only once, in the birth and death record book of Lurgan (Logan) Quaker Monthly Meeting.

4.  The  website lists Katheran's maiden name as Blackner, daughter of Valentine Blackner and Judith Harrison in 1629 in Belleniskcrannel, Deagoe, Armagh, Ireland.

Halcott "Hocky" PRIDE

1.  Halcott Pride was wealthy, owning large bodies of land in Virginia, and in Halifax & Northampton County, North Carolina, among others, the Mush Island Estate, with as rich bottoms as can be found on the Roanoke.

2.  He lived in Petersburg, owned what is known as Pride's Old Field, now an important part of the city.  

3.  He adhered to the English idea of giving his lands to his son;  this he did, with all the negroes thereon, except nine given to each of his daughters, with 1,000 Pounds to each of them, and lots in the city.

4.  He appointed Allen and Willie Jones and Thomas Short his executos in North Carolina, and Howell, Briggs anbd Timberlake executors in Virginia.

5.  In the event of his children all dying before coming of age, he gave all of his estate to William Pride, William Timberlake and Winnie Pride.  These were double cousins.  There was a John Pride, vestryman of Gambrill Church, Raleigh Parish, 1790, also his cousin.  

6.  It has always been believed that the Prides are of the family of Col. Pride of Cromwell's Army, who drove out the Long Parliament - called Pride's purge.

7.  When it was proposed in the House of Commons to confeer the title of King upon Cromwell, he consulted friends.  The Rev. Calamy said it was illegal and impractable.   Calamy said, "besides it is against the voice of the nation;  there will be nine in ten against you".   "But what if I should disarm the nine and put a sword in the tenth man's hand, would not that do the business"? said the Protector.  Col Pride said to him, "if you accept the crown, I will shoot you with my own hand".

Halcott Briggs PRIDE

1.  Halcott Briggs Pride died single.

Charles Franklin "Charlie" PALMER

1.  I remember Uncle Charlie as being an alcoholic.

2.  When he died, Daddy & Momma took me over to the up-stairs hotel residence prior to the funeral service, that he and Aunt Minnie lived in on West 12th Street, Ada, Oklahoma, where other members of the family gathered and played music on guitars, fiddles, and possibly other instruments for several hours into the night.

Minnie Lena JONES

1.  Minnie was the oldest child of the family and was the only girl.

2.  Aunt Minnie was 15 years old and Uncle Charlie was 22 according to marriage license No. 5-2843-326.

3.  She lived on West 10th Street in Ada, Oklahoma, and always raised a fine garden, flowers, & etc.

4.  The "welcome mat" was always out on Aunt Minnie's porch.

Pleas Edward JONES

1.  Ed & Maudie lived on West 8th Street in Ada the last time this writer was in their home.

2.  Uncle Ed was somewhat of a "nibbler" of the bottle, but always had a job....he and Daddy [Henry F. Jones] worked for Lee Elliot Well Service out on North Broadway in Ada, Oklahoma...Daddy the rig operator and Uncle Ed a floor-hand.

Maudie Bertha MEDLEY

1.  Alternate place of birth:  Comanche, Stephens, Oklahoma.

2.  Aunt Maudie was a very good cook and a gracious hostess...her house was always neat and clean.

3.  She was somewhat of complainer though....if you asked her how she was feeling, she always had an ailment to expound upon hours upon hours if you had time to listen.

4.  Obituary:           MAUDIE BERTHA JONES

    Mrs. Maudie Bertha Jones 823 E. 8th, died Wednesday at a local hospital at the age of 68.
    Her funeral will be at 2 p.m. Friday in the chapel of Chriswell Funeral Home, with the Rev. George Vance officiating.
    She was born Aug 26, 1903 in Pontotoc County, to Leon and Mertie Wilson Medley.  Her husband, Ed Jones, died in 1964.
    Mr. Jones' survivors include two sons, James E. Jones, Oklahoma City, and Fred L. Jones, Ada;  a daughter, Mrs. J. H. Ryan, Arlington, Texas;,  two brothers, Ross Medley, Wichita, Kansas, and Olen Medley, Tulsa;  five sisters, Fannie Sealock, Earlsboro, Viola Martin Effie Douglas, and Mabel Bell all of Shawnee, and Elizateth Brantley, Oklahoma City;  eight grandchildren;  and six great grandchildren.
    Interment will be at Rosedale Cemetery.  Casket bearers are Jim Ryan, Curtis Clark, Richard Jones, Odell Jones, Bill Jones, and Robert Martin.

Rev. Bert JONES

1.  Bert's Social Security No. 442-05-1552...

2.  Uncle Bert & Vernal Melton had a daughter out of wedlock 5 Feb 1924...

3.  Grandpa Jones would not allow them to get married. (?)  Too young!

4.  The daughter's name is Lula Louise Melton who married Chester Lyles and they had four kids.  She later married Mark Wright. Earl L. Jones made contact with her in 1995 through a l/2 Aunt, Kathy Hartman, 2716 Chimney Rock, Huntsville, Texas 77340 (409) 295-2085.

5.  It was Jewel Faust (Oral Roberts) sister that told me about the Melton baby.

6.  Uncle Bert was a WWII Army Veteran who served as a Radio Communications Specialist.

7.  He was a Pentecostal Holiness Preacher for 50 years, and his main source of income was from being an oilfield pumper.

8.  He had one of the prettiest set of teeth that you would ever dream of and showed them off with his ever constant smile.

Vernal Alice MELTON

1.  Vernal gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock  and moved away.  [Father was Bert Jones]

Rev. Bert JONES

1.  Bert's Social Security No. 442-05-1552...

2.  Uncle Bert & Vernal Melton had a daughter out of wedlock 5 Feb 1924...

3.  Grandpa Jones would not allow them to get married. (?)  Too young!

4.  The daughter's name is Lula Louise Melton who married Chester Lyles and they had four kids.  She later married Mark Wright. Earl L. Jones made contact with her in 1995 through a l/2 Aunt, Kathy Hartman, 2716 Chimney Rock, Huntsville, Texas 77340 (409) 295-2085.

5.  It was Jewel Faust (Oral Roberts) sister that told me about the Melton baby.

6.  Uncle Bert was a WWII Army Veteran who served as a Radio Communications Specialist.

7.  He was a Pentecostal Holiness Preacher for 50 years, and his main source of income was from being an oilfield pumper.

8.  He had one of the prettiest set of teeth that you would ever dream of and showed them off with his ever constant smile.

Winona Jewel ISAACS

1.  21 Mar 1924....Miss Jewel Isaacs was visiting her sister Alva Tuner [Farmer] Saturday night.   PCGSQ 1 Oct 1981.

2.  24 Jul 1924....A crowd from here went to the river Saturday.  They were J. E. Maddox and son  J. C., Mr. Elbert Tucker and family, Mr. Holland and family, Mrs. Ethel Ingram and family, Jewell and Sidney Isaacs.

3.  15 Jan 1925....Blanch Wood and Jewell Isaacs spent Sunday night with their brother and sister Willie Isaacs.

4.  Aunt Jewel was a small framed lady with a big heart.

5.  It was always a joy to visit in the home.

Beryl Lavon JONES

1.  Aunt Bess wrote, "Bert & Jewell Jones baby boy died at 6 months old at 4:00 o'clock in Ada Hospital--The funeral was held by Rev. Luther Coffee at the Church House--Friday at 1:30 P.M.  The baby is survived by a small brother O'Dell Jones, and two small sisters, Ovella & Juan Jones & his parents".

2.  Buried in old Mc Gee cemetery - about three or four miles out NE from Stratford, Oklahoma.

Elva Milo JONES

1.  Elva's Social Security No. 442-05-1551..

2.  Uncle Elva was an oilfield pumper most of his life.  [The last being with the W. B. Osborn Oil Company at Sasawka, Oklahoma]

3.  He always knew where the best "fishing holes" were and the time to check them out.

4.  Uncle Elva & Aunt Bess always had "an open door" policy at their home.

5.  T. J. Jared, Jr. officated Uncle Elva's funeral along with Bro. Cranfield.  Pall Bearers:  Carl Don & Michael Ramsey, Alan, Larry & Travis Jones, Jerry Jones.  

6.  Uncle Elva died in the Holdenville, Oklahoma, Hospital of Cancer.

Bessie Alta HAYES

1.  See notes & etc. with Elva Jones records.

2.  "Summers Chapel" items from Stratford Star....24 Oct 1929....Bessie Jones from Bebee has been visiting her parents Terrell Hayes & family.

3.  SUMMERS CHAPEL...Mrs. Bessie Jones of Bebee is visiting her parents Terrell Hayes & Family...6 Feb 1930. PCGS

4.  Aunt Bess was the "best kid in town"...anything us kids could do, she could do better, and was always willing to try about anything.

5.  Find extended information on Jones/Hayes Database.

William Milo JONES

1.  William Milo Jones was stillborn and was named after William Terrell Hayes, father of Bessie and middle name of Milo was after his father's second name, and grandfather John Milo Jones.

2.  Elva and Bessie were living at Bebee, Oklahoma, on the old Haynes place North of Box "X" Cemetery when this son was born.

3.  He is buried at the Stratford, Oklahoma cemetery.