Selected Families and Individuals



1.  Walter Pollard by his will dated 11 Nov 1768 bequeathed 2 Negro women and a Negro man to Morris & his wife.

2.  Will of Morris Roberts of Manchester Parish, Page 351, Chesterfield County, Virginia...Wills 1774-1795 P.377:

3.  Will: Page 351.  Will of Morris Roberts of Manchester Parish lend to wife Ruth for life the place I live, 200 acres and two negroes.  To my first son, Morris Jr., 20 shillings.  To son John, 20 shillings.  To son, Enoch, 20 shillings.  To Morris Jr. the 200 acres where I live at my wife's death, and to his wife, Elizabeth, during her widowhood, and then to his son, John.  If said John dies without heirs, then to his brother, Olive(r).  To daughter Ruth Weaver, 20 shillings.  To daughters Jane Roberts and Elizabeth Roberts, rest of the estate.  To daughter Margery Roberts one negro.  To daughter Hannah Roberts, one negro.  Executors:  wife and son John.  Not dated.  Witnesses: John Ellett, Simon Hancock, Mary Hancock, (Chesterfield County, Virginia Wills 1774-1795, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, Richmond, 1979).

Court Term 1 November 1782 page 377.  Will of Morris Roberts proved.  Robert Ellit and Simon Hancock, witnesses.  Ruth Roberts and John Roberts, Executors. (Chesterfield County Virginia Wills, 1774-1795, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, Richmond 1979).

4.  In 1745, Morris "III" and his brothers, Stepp, Joshua, and John patented 400 acres from the Crown in Henrico County, Virginia.  In addition, Marris II had several hundred acres of other lands acquired from Jane Pride and by his own land purchases. However, the will of a Morris Roberts who died in Chesterfield County (formed from Henrico County in 1749) in 1782 leaving his son, Morris Roberts, Jr., 20 shillings, left only 200 acres to his wife, Ruth, with reversion to Morris, Jr. after her death.

5.  On 28 Aug 1746 Morris Roberts purchased land in Henrico County, Virginia located on upper James River just North of present day Petersburg and about 15 miles South of Richmond.


1.  Margery was shot with a musket & robbed...


1.  It has been said that Morris II was a Bonded Servant and landed @ Barbados....served his bonded time and moved to Virginia, however, this is not proven.

2.  He was one of the early pioneers of colonial Virginia. .

3.  Chesterfield County Virginia, was formed from Henrico County in 1749...

4.  Morris Roberts left his Will in Henrico County, Virginia 1724/5...Will: P. 639, Reel 1,  

In the name of God amen I Morris Roberts of Henrico Co being sick and weak of body but of perfect sense and memory.......I give and bequeath to my son Morris one horse colt branded on ye far buttocks "MR".  I also bequeath to my son Morris one mare, one cow and calf, one gun, all my troopers arms & c: to be paid to him at twenty one years of age & two sows and piggs litter.

I bequeath to my son Step one horse, and one mare, one cow and calf, or one cow with two calfs, two sows and piggs, one gun gun called speckled stock gun to be paid at age twenty one.  

I bequeath to my son John one horse, cow, and one mare, one cow and calf or one cow with calf, two sows and piggs, and one gun to be paid at age twenty one.

I bequeath to my son Joshua one horse colt and mare, one cow and calf or one cow with calf, two sows and piggs and ye barrell of a gun to be paid at age twenty one.

I bequeath to my daughter Sarah a feather bed and furniture the afore said bed & c:  is called my bed.  I also give her a breeding mare.

I bequeath my wife Elizabeth all ye rest and residue of my estate appointing her my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament as witness my hand this 7th day of February 1724.

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Ezek Sudbury, Sam'll Soane

Recorded October 4, 1725.  (Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia, Part I, 1654-1737, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1776)

5.  Analysis:  This shows Morris, Step, John, Joshua, and Sarah were not yet 21 in 1725. This could imply that the father, Morris, was still fairly young.  Morris, the first son, was born about 1707, so he would have been about 18 year of age in 1725.

Elizabeth "Betsy" STEPP

1.  Elizabeth probably was the daughter of Joshua Step/Stap/Stepp.

2.  According to W. Stepp in his "post" of 12 Jun 2001, evidently "Betsy" had married Morris Roberts first, and they had at least five (5) children.

3.  She then married Walter Pollard, but, it is not known if they had any children, however, he did release a Will in Dale Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia, dated 11 Nov 1768.

Albert Pittner HAYES

1.  Albert enlisted 24 Aug 1861 in Co. "K" Georgia 24th Infantry in Civil War and was wounded at Battle of Gettysburg but later returned to war.  Appears last on roll for June 30, 1864.  CSA Pension Application 4 Sep 1915 for $180 per year.

2.  Got concussion of left arm 16 Jul 1863, General Hospital, Farmville, Virginia, transferred to Confederate States Petersburg, Virginia Hospital 12 Sep 1863.  Furlough 13 Sep 1863, Rec & Wayside Gen Hosp #9 @ Richmond, Va. 5 Jun 1864.  Jackson Hospital, Clarkesville, Ga.  Jackson Hosp., Richmond, Va. 10 Jun 1864, 30 Jun 1864, 17 Jul 1864, returned to duty 27 Jul 1864, Retirement 10 Sep 1864 @ Register of the Invalid Corps P.A.C.S.

3.  He was a Watch Repairman for 35 years in 1906, so that means he learned his trade in Georgia around 1871, just before the family left for Arkansas. This could very well have been a trade craft taught in the military.

4.  Written on Tombstone:  Co K 24 Ga Inf CSA.

5.  Albert was a Private (entering & leaving "K" company..(Civil War Muster Rolls) The original records are stored at NARA Washington, under Microfilm Box 226 Roll 27 Record 3470.

6. As a matter of history....The 24th Georgia Infantry was instrumental in:
   (A)  Civil War
   (B)  Vietnam War
   (C)  Persian Gulf War

7.  Albert & Isabella came to the Chickasaw Nation about 1893 after their son William Terrell Haye had arrived in Davis, Indian Territory, Oklahoma with his new wife Mary B. (Wright) Hayes.

Elizabeth Isabella "Eliza" STONE

1.  Death Certificate give date of birth as 4 Feb 1846.

2.  Elizabeth's middle name may have begun with an "E" but since her first daughter carried the name Isabella it is assumed that Isabella was Elizabeth's middle name.  One source says Isabella and another says "E".

3.  Elizabeth died at the home of her daughter Nola Deatherage @ Bebee, Oklahoma.

4.  In Memoriam---Mrs. Eliza Hayes
     Mrs. Eliza Hayes, Grandma as she was more familiarly known;  was summoned to the great beyond to enjoy the grandeur of heaven.  She was 82 years old, 70 years of her life was spent in the service of God.  She has given a wonderful example of Christian life and servitude to the world.  She was loved by all who knew her.  She was laid to rest in the McGee cemetery.  She leaves her husband and eight children to mourn her loss.  They are Terrell Hayes of Bebee;  Wallace and Don Hayes of Ada;  Mrs. G. W. Lamb of Stratford;  Mrs. G. R. Deatherage of Bebee;  Mrs Oma Miller and Mrs. Ida Tabors both of Eldorado, Okla., and Mrs. Mattie Weaver of Lincoln, Neb.  All were with her during her last illness except Mrs. Weaver.
    She departed this life July 14, 1826 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. R. Deatherage of Bebee;  had lived for a number of years at Stratford;  was a member of the Free Will Baptist church at that place.  Our heart goes out in sympathy to that wonderful and loving mother, but one great and consoling thought is the fact that if they follow in her footsteps, they can again live with her in the house of Him whom she was trusting as the savior of her soul and who accompanied her spirit to the great White Throne after her body had passed through the valley and shadow of death---A Friend

5.  OBITUARY            Mrs. Eliza Hays
    Last Thursday evening at 10:30 o'clock the angel of death called away Mrs. Eliza Hays.
    She had been sick only four days.  Everything was done that loving hands could do but God seeing fit to call her home took her from her companion and children.
    Mrs. Hays was almost 82 years of age.  She is survived by her husband, Mr. Albert Hays and 8 children all of them were present but one daughter, Mrs. Mattie Weaver of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Those present were Terrell, Wallance and Don Hays, Laura Lamb , Nola Deathrage all of near here and Mrs. Charlie Tabors and Mrs. Charlie Miller of western Oklahoma.
     Mrs Hays was loved by all who knew her.  She leaves her husband, children, and grand children, many friends to mourn her loss, but we feel their loss is heaven's gain.
    A preciou one from us is gone
    A voice we loved is stilled.
    A place is vacant in our home
    Which never can be filled.
Oh, yes, she's gone but not forgotten.  
Never will her memory fade
Sweetest thoughts will ever linger
Around the grave where she is laid.
    A friend --- Etta Hightower


1.  Duncan received $300.00 from the estate of his brother, Daniel.

2.  Duncan was a coal miner...

3.  Duncan is  Great Grandfather of this writer...Earl L. Jones.

4.  Duncan lived 77 years, 8 months, & 12 days.

Martha Jane BAKER

1.  According to this writer's grandmother (Nettie Louisa Hollingsworth Hayes) Martha Jane Baker was an orphan (questionable since her mother gave birth to another son, John about 1866) that was raised by Indians, which, could have happened when she was about 14-15 years of age.

2.  According to Juanita Sullivan Martha Jane was an Indian and when Duncan married her they were both sort of exiled from the family.  Who knows the reason why?

3.  According to Nettie's Birth Certificate her mother Martha Jane Baker was 29 year of age when she was born and her father Duncan Hollingsworth was 44 years of age.

4.  Martha Jane lived 78 years, 8 months, & 21 days.

5.  Alternate source gives Arkansas as place of birth.

6.  Residence 1860:  Beat 5 Cherokee, Texas.

7.  Residence 1910:  Francis, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.

8.  Residence 1920:  Morse, Okfuskee, Oklahoma


1.  Residence in 1910, Francis, Pontotoc, Oklahoma

Probably Barnett "Barney" HOLLINGSWORTH

1.  Barney left home as a teenager and no one in the family ever heard from him again. (Verbal from Aunt Delena, daughter of Nettie Louisa Hollingsworth)

2.  Douglas R. Hollingsworth reports that Barney was on the 1900 Levenworth Prison Census.  Twelfth Census of the United States Schedule No 1. "B" Sheet No. 4 Enumeration District No. 158.

3.  This writer wrote to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, DC on 1 Oct 1991...but, they claim that since the Federal Prison System was only established in 1930 that they have no record for Barney.  Need to check into this further...

4.  His name may be Barnett after his grandfather.

5. now shows prison records and Barney was incarerated on 28 Jun 1899 with inmate number 1743.


1.  Someone has submitted Nellie, but, this researcher has never heard of her from anyone in the family....might have been a still birth that no one talked about.

William Wiley HAYES

1.  William was red headed, blue eyes, a cobbler by trade, and according to Eugenia Maxine Hayes Magness, her father said he made the finest shoes of anyone in Baxter County.  He was making shoes back in the days when wooden soles, tacks and tools were used and he tanned his own hides to use for uppers.

2.  He was a  member of Baptist Church, volunteered and fought in the Mexican War from 1846 to 1847 and served under General Robert E. Lee in the Civil War for 4 years.

3.  William Wiley is buried in the Old McGee Cemetery without a marker.   Obituary:  THE STRATFORD TRIBUNE, Stratford, Oklahoma, Friday, December 17, 1909.  DIED:  Wm. W. Hayes (William Wiley Hayes) died Wednesday morning, Dec. 15th, after a short illness of pleurisy, at the home of his son, David R. Hayes.

4.  Note: By Joseph Gay...W. W. Hayes was staying with David's family and during the night needed to go to the bathroom.  They did not have an inside restroom, so he had started outside to the out-house when he fell off  the porch and was not found until the next morning.  This was the start of his illness.

5.  Census of 1850...1860...1870...1880...Georgia.
    Census of 1910, Clay County, Texas.
    Newspaper: Byars Banner 13 Oct 1905.
    Census of 1900...North Carolina.
    Census of 1900...South Carolina.

6.  Loretta Gay's personal knowledge.

7.  Obituary said he was survived by eleven children, over 100 grandchildren, 68 great grandchildren, and 25 great great grandchildren.

Mary Rebecca "Polly" HOLBROOK

1.  Richard Jones reports that Mary was born in South Carolina,  {Reference to 1820 Census, Pendleton District}

2.  Mary was found dead in a corn field.

3.  Mary is buried at the Old McGee Cemetery, Garvin County, Oklahoma without a marker...

William M. STONE

1.  From 1850 & 1860 Census of Habersham County, Georgia.

2.  Eliza's Death Certificate.

3.  Richard Jones believes he middle name is "Murry", and after the Second Governor of Maryland, William Murry Stone...but, the connection is yet to be made.

Soloman D. STONE

1.  Soloman was a Private in Company "K" 24th Regment Georgia Infantry Confederate Army and was killed or died 27 Nov 1861 at age 16...

Barnett Glenn "Barney" HOLLINGSWORTH

1.  Alternate date and place of birth given in Bobby Huggin's book:  September 11, 1801, Anson, North Carolina.

2. Information from records of Mrs. Susie Fields...27 Jun 1980...Family Bible..

3. More information from Victor Havel records, who states that as a four year old in 1805, Barnett moved with his parents, William & Lucinda to Knox County, Indiana Territory.  Eight young Quaker families: 3 brothers & a sister of William, plus 3 Cousins, all moved "lock, stock, & barrel" to new farmland around the old French fort and trading post of Vincennes as the Northwest Territories were opened up to settlement. However, around 1818 Barnett's father decided to move his family to Monroe County, Mississippi, perhaps to avoid the issue of slavery which was forbidden by the Indiana Constitution when Indiana became a state that year.

4.  Just as Barnett became of age in 1822, his father died in Mississippi.  It is not clear where William's family was living in Mississippi at the time of his death. But as the oldest child, Barnett of Monroe County, was appointed administrator of his father's estate by the Orphans Court of Warren County, Mississippi in Vicksburg.  In 1825, at age 24, he purchased an 80 acre tract of former Indian land in Huntsville County, Mississippi from the government.  A year later Barnett traveled back to Knox County, Indiana, to sell 200 acres of farmland that he had inherited from his father to an uncle.

5.  Sometime thereafter, Barney married Permilia Smith, who was born in 3 Jun 1811 in South Carolina, and in 1830, thier first child, Lucy (Lucinda) was born on 12 Dec 1830.

6.  Six additional children were born in Mississippi up to 1837.  Barnett started acquiring land in Arkansas. On August 1, 1837 he purchased 200 acres of land in Hempstead County, Arkansas, from the Federal Government.  On the same date he purchased an additional 160 acres in Hampstead County, and 320 acres in Nevada County, Arkansas.  Sometime thereafter Barney moved his family to Union County, Arkansas where they were living during the 1840 Census.

7.  Ten more children were born in Arkansas over the next thirteen years.

8.   Barnett continued to acquire government land during this period in both Mississippi and Arkansas:  in 1841 he purchased 40 acres in Monroe County, Mississippi, in 1845 he purchased 80 acres in Union County, Arkansas, and in 1848 he purchased 80 acres in Boone Twp, Columbia, Arkansas.

9.  Around 1852-1853, Barnett moved his family to Anderson County (now Navaroo County), Texas where the last two of nineteen children were born. He was now 54 yers of age.  The 1860 census of Anderson County, Texas lists 13 children that moved in Barnett's household to Texas.  (Most likely to the 400 acre track in Anderson County that he had purchased from Charnell Hightower and his wife Elon, in January 1851 for $2,000.00)  The older children Lucy (29), William (27), John (26), and Billy (four days from his 24th birthday) were all presumably married by this time and not living at home.  Also not listed in the 1860 census of Barnett's household are "little" Elizabeth (6) and Dunkin (12).  Instead, Dunkin (Duncan) was enumerated in the James W. Harris household in Cherokee County, Texas.  (This Census was taken just 15 days before his 12th birthday)

10.  Barnett had a very interesting and successful life that covered a large part of the period during which our nation went through turmoil.  He started life in South Carolina and moved all over the ever-expanding frontier during his long seventy-three years of life.  He appears to have been a man of action who was a successful cotton farmer and land speculator for most of his life, farmer, and slave owner. (At least nine)  

11.  Barnett had eight members of his family fight during the Civil War as members of the same Confederate Company (Co. "H", 1st. Texas, Hook's Texas Brigade).

12.  At age 4 (1804-1805) he migrated from Union County, South Carolina with his parents, William, Jr. and Lucy Coleman to Knox County, Indian Territory.  This mass migration included ten related Hollingswoth families:  those of William Jr's brothers:  Joseph, Peter, and John;  his sister Hannah (unmarried at the time); his first cousins: Levi, Thomas, Daniel and Mary (married to Daniel);  Benjamin and Martha Hollingsworth Hawkins.

13.  TEXAS PROPERTY RECORDS FOR BARNETT HOLLINGSWORTH from files of Peggy Loar, Mar, 2000.       (a)  According to the deed, W. N. Haynes sold 25 acres to Barnett Hollingsworth for $100.  This took place on 7 Nov 1874.  A copy of this transaction was obtained at the Navarro County Clerk's Office in Corsicana.
                (b)  Barnett bought 680 acres of land from E. L. Howth for $1,360.  Navarro County Clerk's Office in Corsicana.
               (c)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid $469 to D. Ferguson for 156-l/2 acres of land in Anderson County, 12 Dec 1851.
               (d)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, and S. Miller paid $150 to Isaac Ferguson for 125 acres of land in Anderson County, 1 Aug 1853.
               (e)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid $650 to John Ferguson for 156 acres of land in Anderson County, 27 Dec 1851.
                (f)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid $1,050 to William Freeman and wife Jane for 125 acres of land in Anderson County 2 Jan 1856.
                (g)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid $800 to Benjamin T. Duval and wife, Lou M. for 150 acres of land in Anderson County 11 Aug 1857.
                (h)  Barnett G. Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid -----[no amount shown] to Benjamin T. Duval for 40 acres of land in Anderson County 27 Sep 1857.
                 (i)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid $300 to J. P. Ferguson for 150 acres of land 14 Feb 1859.
                 (j)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, paid $4,000 to Jesse Duran for 2302-l/2 acres of land in Anderson County 14 Feb 1859.
                 (k)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Union County, Arkansas, paid $2,000 to Chrnell Hightower and wife Elon for 400 acres of land in Anderson County, Texas 9 Jan 1851.
                  (l)  Barnett Hollingsworth and Permelia of Navarro County, Texas, gave to their sone R. G. Hollingsworth 185 acres of land in Navarro County.  This was for $l.00 and for and in considersation of the love and affection felt for their son, R. G. Hollingsworth.  Property and control of property to be retained by Barnett and Permelia until their deaths.
                 (m)  Barnett Hollingsworth sold 250 acres of land in Navarro County, Texas, to W. N. Haynes for 500 gold dollars 17 Feb 1873.
                 (n)  Barnett Hollingsworth gave land to his daughter, Caroline,..." in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear to my daughter Caroline Haynes, wife of W. N. Haynes and also for the further consideration of on Dollar to me in hand paid..."  
                  (o)  Barnett Hollingsworth of Anderson County, Texas, gave his daughter, Martha, 192 acres of land.  It is written, ..."for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear to my daughter Martha Derrough, wife of J. M. Durrough:  and also for the further consideration of one Dollar to me in hand paid..." 18 Jul 1868.
                 (p)  Barnett paid $270 in gold for this land.  It was described as being in Navarro County, Texas, on the waters of Richland Creek, about 18-l/2 miles from the town of Corsicana.  The tract was l/2 of the headright of Ellis R. Morrell.
                 (q)  Barnett sold this land on a promisory note of $1,020 in gold due in 12 months from the date sold and bearing 10% interest.
                   (r)  Barnett paid $1,280 for this land.  It was described as being on the waters of Richland Creek about 35 miles West of Trinity River.

CENUS RECORDS:   From files of Peggy Loar March 2000.

14.  We do find in the Federal Census for the year 1850, the Hollingsworth family living in Union County, Arkansas.

15.  Barnett & Permelia Hollingsworth were evidently living in Mississippi from at least approximately 1832 when Sarah was born, until sometime between the birth of Betty in approximately 1836 and the birth of Daniel in approximately 1839.  At that time, they evidently moved to Arkansas where they lived until they moved to Texas sometime between the birth of M. J. (Mary, on the 1870 Census) in about 1852 and the birth of R. G. (Glenn on the 1870 Census) in about 1854.

16.  There are discrepancies on the Censuses;  in 1850 it appears that Elizabeth was born in Arkansas.  This is probably the same person as Betty in 1860 who is listed as being born in Mississippi.

17.  Jno, on 2850 Census, is probably Jonathan.  He does not appear on 1860 Census.  He could have married by then and moved out.

18.  Joseph C. in the 1850 Census is probably Coleman in the 1860 Census.

19.  William is not on the 1860 Census after being on the 1850 Census, but he could be married by that time as well.

20.  Martha on the 1850 Census is now "Patsy" on the 1860 Census.  [Martha Patricia].

21.  Duncan disappeared for a time between 1850 and 1860 Censuses.

22.  Robert J. on the 1850 Census is listed as Rob G. on 1860 Census.

23.  Barnett on on the 1840 Census, Springhill Twp, Hempstead, Arkansas Terr. P16-17 Tax List - 18395 (4 boys & 1 girl less than 5 years old),  one boy betgween 5 & l0, one farm hand and 9 slaves total value $3000.

24.  Facts:  1.  Moved with parents from Union County, South Carolina, to Knox County, Indiana, 1805.
                   2.  Between 1821 & 1822 moved to Mississippi from Knox County, Indiana.
                   3.  Before 1850, a border change moved property from Hempstead County, Arkansas, to Boon Township,  Union County, Arkansas.
                   4.  After 1853 he moved from Arkansas to Anderson County, Texas.
                    5.  About 1870 he moved from Anderson County to Navarro County, Texas.

25.  Barnett lived 73 years, 2 months, & 24 days.

Parmelia SMITH

1.  Alternate date of death from Bobby Huggins book:  11 Mar 1899 and is said to have died in the home of her youngest son, Roland, in Raleigh, Navarro, Texas.

2.  Parmelia inherited l/2 interest in 1676 acres from her son Daniel when he died.  See Deed 569 from Deed Vol. 31.  [l/2 of all the property;  real, personal, and mixed]  The brothers & sisters of Daniel received the other l/2 interest.  

3.  Prior to her death she signed a document dated 28 Aug 1882 leaving all her property to her daughter Mary Jane & husband Jacob with certain stipulations.

4.  Parmelia [Permilla/Permilia] Smith is buried in the Dresden Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas.

5.  The following is inscribed on the tombstone:  "Another link is broken in our household band.  But a chain is forming in a better land."

6.  Parmelia lived 87 years, 9 months, & 8 days.


1.  The name may very well be "Jonathan"

2.  John was a lawyer at Fort Worth, Texas...


1.  Joseph's middle name "Coleman" gives credibility of his grandmother's name of Lucina Coleman.

2.  Joseph entered the service at Kickapoo, Anderson, Texas, on or about the 24 Jun 1861 was wounded in Battle of Antietam, near  Sharpsburg, Washington,  Maryland and died in Confederate Hospital at Winchester, Frederick, Virginia.

3.  He fought for the Confederate Army and at the time of his death, he held the rank of Sergeant and was earning $17 per month.

4.  Source:  Adjuntant General's Office, Division of Confederate Archives.


1.  Alternate date of birth:  19 Aug 1836.

2.  He was listed on Barnett Hollingsworth's 1860 Census report as a 24 year old white male born in Mississippi.

Elijah HAYES

1.  Elijah was still on 1850 Georgia Census, but, not on 1860 census.

2.  Other census records were on 1820 Census, 1850 Census - N.C., 27 June 1860 Census - N.C.

3.  Dean Hayes descendant of David Hayes brother to Elijah, reports that Elijah and David Hayes owned land jointly in Monroe County, Georgia near city of Forseyth and were both registered in Captain Morris' District in 1818 in Franklin County.

4.  The Walton County War notes mention Elijah, David, and William Hayes along with Peter Weaver.


1.  The 1850 Census says Mary was born in North Carolina...but, most likely in South Carolina prior to 1800 Census.

2.  Mary was a widow in 1860...[The next line contradicts this]

3.  She probably died sometime between 1870 and 1880.  

4.  Her death was caused by her falling into a millrace.


1.  It is presumed that John died between age 51-71, (1880-1900)

Alexander HOLBROOK "Sr"

1.  Occupation:  Working as a Blacksmith in 1850 Census, Pickens, South Carolina

William Wiley HAYES "I"

1.  William was father of 10 children born to Rachiel (5-Boys & 5-Girls),  and one daughter born to Polly.

2.  Sources:    1790 Census, Chatham County, North Carolina
                        1800 Census, Buncombe County, North Carolina.
                        1810 Census of Walton County, Georgia shows William Hayes and Peter Weaver there.

3.  William is found in the 1820 Census, Habersham County, Georgia, along with Elijah Hayes and another William Hayes, Jr.   The older William Hayes is located in Rubin County, Georgia, North of Habersham County in the 1830 Census.  

4.  Also  reference  the Walton County, Georgia history papers.  It seems Elijah Hayes is found along with a David Hayes, William Hayes, and Peter Weaver before 1810.

5.  William was a Revolutionary Soldier.   His father, Richard Hayes, Richard Jr., James and William are all listed in the book, “Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution”.

Rachel Eleanor BOUGHTON

1.  The spelling of Rachiel may be correct...