Selected Families and Individuals


Franklin Travis "Tabby" JONES

1.  "Tabby" was TWIN of James Holly...  Dutch/Irish...  They could have been born at Whitesboro, Cooke, Texas.

2.  Oral tradition has it that he had a ranch between Whitesboro & Gainesville, Texas.

3.  Tabby's daughter Annie was born near the new town to be...Marietta, Indian Territory, Now Love County, Oklahoma, which could mean that he was a "Boomer Sooner", going back across the Red River every so often!  Grandpa John Milo was born in Dexter, Cooke, Texas.

4.  1 June 1906....F. T. Jones a substantial citizen of the Bebee Community was in to see us last week & pd $2.50 on subscription.    (Ada Evening News)

5.  He lived 77 years, 8 months, & 24 days.

6.  Obituary Reads:  F. T. Jones, 77, died at 4:30 o'clock Wednesday morning at the home of son, E. B. Jones near Egypt.  Funeral services were conducted this morning at 10 o'clock at Egypt schoolhouse.  Rev. C. C. Morris officiating.  Interment in Rosedale cemetery, Criswell Funeral home in charge.

Lucinda "Cindy" COCHRAN

1.  Lucinda may have been born in Missouri or Texas.....

2.  Lucinda died at the home of her daughter, Viola Lea, 216 North Stockton, Ada, Oklahoma, @ 3:00 P.M. on a Wednesday

3.  She lived 66 years, 8 months, & 6 days.

4. Another source gives name as Sidney Lucinda Cockrkum.

Arthur JONES

1.  Richard reports name of "Arthur", however, I asked Daddy about it and he said it was "Other", but we will use Arthur until further proof is given.

2.  Another thought is that Uncle Oss's name was Arthur and he might very well have been named for Grandpa's older brother that died young.

Gertie JONES

1.  Richard Jones & Alan Jones shows place of birth as Dexter/Horsehoe Bend, Texas.

Mary Jane MADDOX

1.  Great Grandma Roberts was almost blind in her later years, but, I remember she was always pleasant to visit with and sometimes would have some marbles to give me.  I cannot possibly know where they came from unless they were "leftovers" from Uncle Robert and Uncle Ted's belongings when they moved out.

2.  She lived 98 years, 9 months, & 18 days.

3.  This writer's father Henry Franklin Jones said the way I have it is correct, dispelling Gertie Lewis' claim.

4.  Gertie Lewis said that an Indian woman gave birth to Mary Jane and then gave her to John Maddox to raise.  This writer does not agree with that statement from Gertie.  It simply does not stack up!

5.  That is supposedly why she called Charlie Maddox her brother.  This writer says she was daughter of George Washington Maddox & Patsey Anderson just like the other children listed before & after her birth.

6.  Grandson [Oral Roberts] the evangalist claims he is part Cherokee Indian as revealed on the PTL program just this week 24 Jan 2002 in honor of his own 84th birthday.

7.  Mary Jane lived with her son Willis and daughter-in-law for 11-months (1931) but they refused to keep her any longer. [Handwritten note from Pallie]

8.  She then lived  with daughter Pallie, [this writer's grandmother] & John Milo Jones from 1932 until her death.

9.  Just a note for thought:   Look @ RIN 9854 and 9853 for Thomas Maddox.   Was this our Mary Jane. and if so, why was she and Thomas in that Andrews home?

10.  Sources:  Griffin Township, Conway County, Arkansas Census of 19 Jun 1880

11.  Obit:  Ada Weekly News (Ada, Oklahoma) 23 Sep 1943

   Mrs. Mary Jane Roberts, 99, died at Oil Centr Monday at 5:30 a.m.   Funeral services will be held Tuesday from the Pentecostal Holiness Church, Rev. E. J. Mercer and Rev. K. R. Jones, officiating;  burial in Rosedale cemetery, Smith Funeral Home in charge.
    Mrs. Roberts was married in 1867 in Arkansas.  She was a member of the Methodist Church for 60 years.
    Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Lizzie Roberts, Mrs. Ellen Sutton and Mrs. Pallie Jones of Oil Center;  three sons, John Roberts of Ada, Willie Roberts of Oil Center and Rev. E. M. Roberts of Konawa.

Marriage Notes for Amos Pleasant Roberts and Mary Jane MADDOX-478

1.  Married by John Kenston, JP on 23 Feb 1868, signed 28 Mar 1868 and recorded in his office 8 Jul 1868


1.  Gertie Roberts Lewis said that Charles died and is buried in Arkansas...


1.  Robert M. Gandy says this P. E. Roberts was the 4th child and probably died young in Arkansas...

Capt. Enoch Madison JONES

1.  Amy Winstead reports that Enoch moved to Texas after his father died.

2.  Richard Jones writes the following:
     James Pinkey Dumas, had surveyed a little town called Dallas.  When finished he was asked if he wanted to be paid in money or in lots in the new town.  He said he would take the money because he didn't think the little town would amount to anything.
    He was a partner in cattle ranching with Enoch Madison Jones, my great great grandfather.  They had a 1000 head of cattle and 100 horses before the Civil War.  I guess the war took everything.  Enoch Madison Jones was married to Margaret Ann Thompson.  Margaret was born in Tennessee and had a brother named John S. Thompson who married Nancy Jones the sister of Enoch M. Jones.  Their parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Jones, both born in South Carolina.  Another daughter of Robert Thompson, Elenor J. Thompson married Thomas Jones, Jr. and they lived in Rusk County, Texas.
     I know they had 2539 acres of land in Tarrant County, Texas together.   Also Elizabeth Jones gave both a piece of property in Grayson County, Texas.  It seems like both had a lot of land together and a lot by themselves.
    J. P. Dumas also started a seed company to sell Osage Orange tree seeds, using them for fence posts.  Not sure what happened to that company.  Enoch had a Livery Stable and home in Sherman, Texas.  It burned down when a fire was started in a general store next to it 24 Aug 1856.  He must have built it back because the Overland Stage Coach Company used the Jones stable in 1858.

3.  Enoch, his wife Margaret, children William T., Nancy, and his mother Elizabeth were enrolled in Robertson Colony Texas February 16, 1836.  

4.  Enoch was wounded while chasing an Indian raiding party following the Morgan Massacre near Marlin, Texas.

5.  Enoch was a farmer/rancher and businessman.  He was a very large land owner.  He served in Sterling C. Robertson's Co Rangers in 1836 in the War With Mexico.

6.  Texas Lnd Title Abstracts:  Patent No. 331 - 4428.40 acres Fannin District, Grayson County, File 278, 20 Feb 1848
                                                    Patent No. 127 - 160 acres Fannin District, Grayson County, File 72, 2 Nov 1863
                                                    Patent No. 543 - 305 acres Fannin District, Grayson County, File 235, 4 Jun 1853
                                                     Patent No. 33   -  122.50 acres Fannin District, Grayson County, File 1781, 15 Aug 1856
                                                    Patent No. 630 - 320 acres Robertson, Tarrant County, File 2643, 27 Oct 1856
                                                    Patent No. 844 - 640 acres, Robertson, Tarrant County, File 2648, 30 Nov 1858 [J. P. Dumas &
                                                     E. M. Jones
                                                    Patent No. 634 - 320 acres, Robeertson, Tarrant County, File 2644, 28 Oct 1856 [J. P. Dumas &
                                                    E. M. Jones
                                                    Patent No. 633 - 640 acres, Robertson, Tarrant County, File 2646, 28 Oct 1856 [J. P. Dumas &
                                                     E. M. Jones
                                                    Patent No. 629 - 269 acres, Robertson, Tarrant County, File 2647, 28 Oct 1856 [J. P. Dumas &
                                                     E. M. Jones
                                                    Patent No. 631 - 350 acres, Robertson, Tarrant County, File 2647, 28 Oct 1856 [J. P. Dumas &
                                                     E. M. Jones
                                                    Patent No. 632 - 320 acres, Robertson, Tarrant County, File 2642, 28 Oct 1856 [J. P. Dumas &                        
                                                     E. M. Jones

7.   Enoch was a member of the Texas Minute Men, TX Co "K" 22nd Cav. and held rank of Captain at the time of his death near Bean's Creek, East of Jacksboro, Texas, at the hands of a band of (32) Indians who also murdered one of his sons [Probably William G.], and two negroes.  [There surely had to be a survivor to have related this information]

8.   17 Dec 1850 Census...shows both Enoch & Margaret 36 years old...thus 1814 would be her birth year also.

9.   20 Jun 1860 Census...Shows Enoch's age 46...Margaret's 48, which would make her born in 1812.

10.   20 Jul 1870 Census...Shows Margaret 46 or born in 1824. (?)

11.   The 6 Oct 1866 Dallas Herald Newspaper relates death of Enoch, a son, and two negroes at Beans Creek, some 11 miles East of Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas.    No burial information available.

12.   Enoch (Eneck) was a member of Lodge No 117 of Sherman, Texas.

13.   Much information from McLean Papers...Robertson's Colony in Texas.

14.   Greatful thanks to Kathleen R. Clark and her fine research.

15.   Enoch lived 52 years, 4 months, & 21 days.

16.   Enoch Madison Jones was the Great Great Grandfather of this writer, Earl L. Jones.

17.   The date of death may be 6 Sep 1866

18.   Col. James G. Stevens was the person who reported the death of Enoch to the Dallas Herald newspaper.

Margaret Ann "Peggy" THOMPSON

1.  Peggy apparently was not formally educated because she signed all documents with her "X".  The final estate settlement was on 30 Oct 1874 with Peggy's seal or "X".

2.  Another source shows her year of birth as Illinois or Tennessee.  [There was a surveying dispute between Kentucky and Tennessee about the 36th degree 30' line and Kentucky finally accepted the Walker line of todays maps in 1820...this may be why Eleanor and Margaret Thompson are shown to have been born in Tennessee.  See maps that explain the 1790, 1800, & 1810 boundries.]

3.  Just a thought....Could Wm. Stinson have married "Peggy" after Enoch's death? He sure shows up a lot in the censuses around her.  He was also involved in the petition for letters of Administrations (1867), Mary A. Jones vs Estate of E. M. Jones

Nancy F. JONES

1.  Nancy probably died young.


1.  This writer thinks this just might be the Dick Jones that lived North of the Worstell school house & West of Egypt....since Franklin Travis "Tabby" lived in the Egypt communtiy.  They would have been brothers.

2.  The property location was on the NE corner of the intersecion and was near the area that the Wallace Hayes family lived.  Mommy did not like Dick for some reason.  Mom & Dad got married down the road to the East under a big pecan tree.

3.  He had a large house for the times and had all kinds of fruit trees, grapes, etc. and a large garden  that I remember as a lad.  I never saw any signs of a family there.  This would have been around 1938-1941.

William Henry "Bill" COCHRAN "Sr"

1.  Alternate spelling last name..."COCKRUM"... may have changed his name on purpose.  See paragraph 5 below.

2.  1850 Census shows Henry was born in Missouri...

3.  June 1900 Census of Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation, shows that Henry may have been born in or at least was from Kentucky.

4.  According to the book, "The History and Genealogy of the Cockrum Family in America" by Emmett E. Cockrum, 1979, p. 250, "Bill" and his brother George were involved in a fight with the Mormons of Nauvoo in the 1840's and they shot Joseph Smith, Jr. the Mormon Prophet and leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to death along with  his brother Hyrum Smith.    (They were supposedloy a part of the 200 member mob that murdered Joseph Smith, Jr.).   LDS church records show that there were at least four convictions for the crime but Bill & George were among those listed.  This is a prime example of how false rumors get started.   Bill would have only been 13 years of age at the 1944 scene.

5.  According to the account in the book by Richard B. McCaslin: "TAINTED BREEZE", Henry was hanged in the family front yard...The Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas 1862.  He was among the first 13 hung.  But he was actually hanged by the Union soldiers on the public gallows.  Indeed he may have been somewhat of a scroundrel & scalowag.

6.  Probate Record, Cooke County Probate Book 1, page 380-381, 5 Sep 1863.  Appraisement Bill of the Communtiy property of Henry Cockrum, Decd.  70 head of sheep @ $4.00.   280 head of stock cattle @ $9.00  315 Yoke & Oxen $100.00 & 19 head of horses @ $80.00.  1 span mules $400.00 & 1 bay horse $200.00.   600 head of hogs @ $10.00  160 acres of land @ $2,340.00.   160 acres of land & improvement $250.00.   2 sets of harness & one wagon $175.00.  Farming tools $25.00.  2 log chains $14.00.  1 coarse but saw $10.00.  1 box of tools $15.00.   1 note $80.00 debt on Doct Martin $350.00.  1 block $25.00.   Household furniture $150.00.  2 steers @ $40.00   Total $4,329.00.
     This is to certify that I have made a true and correct exhibit of all the property belonging to the estate of Henry Cockrum Decd, that has come to my knowledge.
                                                                Elizabeth Cockrum
                                                                Sworn to subscribed before me this 28th day of September
                                                                 AD 1863
                                                                Saml Gooding. Clerk
7.  Occupation:  Miller

Elizabeth "Lizzy" LACKEY

1.  Obituary in the Ada Evening News of 12 Apr 1906 stated she was 99 years old...If that is true she was born in 1807.

2.  She was either born in or was from Illinois or Kentucky.

3.  Alternate Source of Information from Ruth Sheppard shows birth date of 6 Mar 1820 in TN or KY.

4.  Joyce Jarvis gives date of birth as 6 Mar 1822 in Illinois.

Marriage Notes for William Henry "Bill" Cochran "Sr" and Elizabeth "Lizzy" LACKEY-2343

1.  Marriage license #149 State of Texas


1.  This writer has a question as to the actual names & births of Sidney & Lucinda, since Ruth Sheppard sent this information to Clarence McCurry and it was then forwarded on to Richard Jones who then sent it to me, Earl L.Jones.

2.  (Maybe they are the same person)

Thomas E. JONES "Sr"

1.  Information from records of Kathleen Rose Clark, Norman, Oklahoma, Microfiche records for Jones in Illinois, of the Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...Will & Probate...

2.  Thomas & Elizabeth came to Christian County, Ky. in 1799 where they lived on Blue Lick off East Fork of Pond River until 1815 when the family moved to Crawford County, Illinois, territory they were listed in 1820 Crawford County, Illinois Census 047 Page of Microfilm, no TWP listed...[Fort Palestine]  Later moved to Edgar County and lived at or near Grandview.

3.  He later sold the Kentucky land to William Bonner.

4.  He was a farmer.

5.  He was member of Christ Church at Charleston, S.C.  One record shows him from Duplin, N.C.  He moved to Texas, settling near Mt. Enterprise in Rusk County.  [When Daniel Parker established the Pilgrim Chruch & went to Texas, the whole congegation went also]  They went down to Detroit Trace to Kaskaska, crossed the river then went down the old military road (US 67) to Louisiana (probably Claiborne Parish) where Morgan Morgan passed away.  These people crossed over into Texas at or near present day Logansport, Louisiana.  From there they scattered all over, later moved to Christian County, Kentucky, and even later moved to Edgar County, Illinois where Thomas died in 1829.   After his death most of the family moved to Texas.

6.  He was a signer of the Petition of 1787 for the New State of Franklin with James Patterson and William Jones etal that go to Christian County, Kentucky.

7.  Richard Jones has dug up information that looks like the father of Thomas Jones II, was Thomas Jones I, the son of Enoch Jones who's wife was Mary.  Enoch & Mary had at least four children:  Thomas I, Cadwaladar, Asa, & James.  This writer (Earl L. Jones) cannot see any connection here because we have no record of a Thomas born to Enoch and Margaret.

Elizabeth Jane THOMPSON

1.  Residence 1 Oct 1850:  Panola County, Texas.

2.  Signed in Rusk County, Texas on 28 May 1851 Property Deed Book "A" , 1845-1857, Panola County, Texas Elizabeth sold some land to Aliza Allred.  

3.  Elizabeth turned her land over to Enoch and Dumas in 1852.  Last known document signed with her mark was dated 22 Oct 1852  proving she was still living at that time.

4.  Richard Jones & David Walker seem to think her name was Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of Joseph Patterson & Annie given that her first son 's name was William and 4th son was Joseph Patterson Jones.  More research needed to prove it since no body can tell us what happened to them or their lineage.   The New Family Search gives the Thompson lineage and seems to be the logical parentage.  (The Pearson Family Tree on gives the maiden name as Patterson with no concusive documentaton and iffy dates)

5.  The Honorable James W. Throckmoton, Representative who later became Governor was on The Committe on Public Laws and entered a petition to the Speaker of the House, D. C. Dickson of the House of Representatives asking for relief to Elizabeth Jones from the Government and Texas.

Robert Karl WILSON

1.  Robert currently lives in Katy, Texas.

Russell Glenn RAMSEY

1.  Russell married ? 24 Nov 1978, ,Grayson County, Texas