Selected Families and Individuals


John Roland CORN

1.  After John's marriage to Elizabeth McMinn in North Carolina, they moved to Cherokee County, Georgia, where they were listed on the 1840 Census.  They were not found on any 1860 Census, so it is assumed they were traveling to Texas as John Roland is listed as a Confederate conscriptee in 1862 in Kerr County, Texas, as a stockraiser.   

2.  John died during the Civil War at Kerr County, Texas, from "the black tongue", a disease from eating too much corn.

3.  Source:  LDS Records...Film 451023.
                   Sandra Denise Ashworh's Ancestor Chart.
                   Janelle Foster records

4.  All the records of this family are printed in Corn Families of USA by Clyde Everett Corn, by Bertha Corn, and the John Roland Corn family reported to James Shinkle in Roswell, New Mexico.\

5.  John Roland Corn's tombstone is listed as the oldest grave in Mt. View Cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth MC MINN

1.  Elizabeth left Ben Watson in Texas when she came to New Mexico in 1881 with the Corn wagon train with her sons Peter and Willis Woody.

2.   She lived in Angus, New Mexico, and is buried there under the name of Elizabeth Watson.

3.  Records in the Clerk's office found her probate dated 7 Nov 1887.  Her son Willis W. Corn was the administrator of the estate.

4.  Angus, Lincoln, New Mexico records reveal her name was Mary Elizabeth, which has been disputed several times.

Jasper CORN

1,  Alterate place of birth:  Kerr, Texas.

2.  One source says Jasper Corn was a Deputy Sheriff for the famous Pat Garrett of Lincoln County, New Mexico.  Jannelle Foster reports that he was a Deputy Sheriff under John Poe of Lincoln County, NM

3.  He was sent after horse thieves and was shot and killed in the process by Nicholas Aragon.

4.  One source says he is buried at the old cemetery in Ft. Sumner, De Baca, New Mexico

5.  Janelle Foster reports that the clipping says he was buried where he was shot without benefit of a Dr. near the springs "Gallinas Springs" where he fell.   .

Peter CORN

1.  LDS Individual Record c411365l.

2.  Family History Tree by Si & Shirley Corn, pg. 1-3, FHL Film 0987281 item 1


1.  Edward is buried in the Crab Creek Church Cemetery, Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina.


1.  Alternate dates and places:  b. 12 Oct 1823 --- d. 24 Dec 1906

2.  Jean [sometimes called "Jane"] is buried in the Crab Creek Church Cemetery, Henderson, North Carolina.

Thomas M. OSTEEN

1.  Thomas never married and the middle initial may be "M"

Serepta Jane OSTEEN

1.  Sereta never married.

Richard Riley PORTER

1.  Another source gives Richard's place of birth as Mississippi, but that is questionable, however he did move to Mississippi.

2.  He was a farmer.

3.  Janelle Foster Records shows name as Riley R. Porter.

Sarah Affa "Affie" MC MINN

1.  Sarah Affa McMinn married Riley R. Porter and they lived in Fayette, Alabama until 1870 when they moved to Kerr County, Texas.

2.  They are listed on Fayette, Alabama Census of 1850, 1860, 1870....Kerr in 1870-80, and the reconstructed Census of Kerr County for 1890.

3.  Death records from County Comissioner Office.  

4.  Sarah & Richard's  tombsones are in Block 3, Lot 29, Plots 3 & 4.

Riley Judson Isic PORTER

1.  Riley shows up in Kerr County, Texas in the 1870 and 1880 Census Indexes.

2.  Great Grandfather of Cynthia McMinn.

John Carroll ANTHONY "Jr"

1.  Red Anthony reports that his Grandfather John Carroll Anthony is buried in an unmarked grave in the Number Nine Cemetery on the Number Nine plantation just North of Blytheville, Arkansas.

2.  Alternate date of birth:  1858

3.  Alternate date of death:  9 Aug 1950, Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana (???)

Deidamia J. "Didema" MC MINN

1.  No record of Dedimia and Daniel has been found after their marriage.

2.  They do not appear to be on the census indexes of Texas in 1870 or 1880.

3.  D. J. as she came to be called, may have died shortly after the marriage.  No death record has been found.

4.  There is no record of any children born by Dedima.

5.   A marriage of a Daniel Garrison to a widow was recorded in 1865 in Fredericksburg, Gillespie, Texas.  This could very well be the husband of D. J.

John Peter CORN

1.  John Peter Corn enlisted 8 Feb 1776 in the Revolutionary War, and a member of George Washington's commissariat, charged with securing supplies for the troops.   

2.  He was reputed to be a Revolutionary War "hero" who joined the Forces of General George Washington and fought through the terrible Winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge.

3.  14 Nov 1835.  Wake Co., N.C. John Peter (X) Corn of Buncombe County declares in the winter of 1776, in December or in Jan. 1777, having been taken with a fever and ague, he at Williamsburg obtained a furlough from his captan for thiry days to return home.  He remained sick and unable to return into the service until the summer following, he thinks in June.

4.  In Oct 1777 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they were in a scirmish with the British Guard near Philadelphia.  Eight of his regiment were killed and John Peter was wounded.   Afterwards, he went to Valley Forge Camp to take up winter quarters 1777-1778.  There he suffered from exposure and near starvation furing the extreme winter of 1777.  He was discharged after two years by General Wm. Woodford and returned to Virginia.

5.  John & Hannah lived in Virgina for about 12 years before finding their way to Henderson County, North Carolina.

6.  They lived in Surry County, North Carolina 5 years, Wilkes County, North Carolina 5 years, Buncombe County, North Carolina and finally Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina where they both died.

7.  Source:  "Our Family Tree" written by Si & Shirley Corn, 1959.

8.  John Peter Corn's grave marker was finally given recognition as a Historical Site April 28, 2002 by DAR and the Joseph McDowll CHPT, at Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, Henderson County, North Carolina with a Color Guard ceremony.
The funeral of John Peter was conducted under Army regulations.   Both the Calvary and the Infantry took part.  It was one of the most sacred and touching funerals that had ever been witnessed by the people at that time.  The two Companies seemed to have been in the background while the religious ceremony took place.  They then stepped forward with drum, pipe and buggle as the Infantry marched to the grave site, half on one side and half on the other.  They then all fired blank shots into the empty grave.  This type of ceremony had never been witnessed in this part of the country.  Some of the folks there were praying, some where shouting, a few even fainted.  A grandson of John Peter, George Henry Corn, tells of this.  He was there as a child.  It was also verified by his older brother Jesse Marion Corn.  Both were present and passed on this account.

9.  DAR Patriot Index:  Corn, John Peter b. 3-15-1752 VA;  d. 10-14-1843.

10.  Elizabeth Parr: PVT VA WPNS (widow pensioned)

11.  Some sources list the birthdate of John Peter as March 15, 1752;  however, his tombstone gives his birthdate as March 15, 1751.  His epitaph, which is said to have been carved by his grand-daughter Margaret Eliza Corn, reads:  "Memory of John P. Corn, Rev. in onor of the United States was bornd Mr. 15, 1751.  He lived his life out in obdience to his country and his God, decist October 11, 1843.  Was burried under the onors of War".

Lee Berry CORN

1.  Lee Berry Corn is listed on the 1880 Census of Kerr County, Texas.

2.  He was said to have been a Texas Ranger.

3.  Berry probably died at Nogal, Lincoln, New Mexico & buried at Angus Cemetery, Angus, Lincoln County, New Mexico.   See Source:   Lincoln Golden Era newspaper, Oct 30, 1884  

4.  Sandra Denise Ashworth.

5.  Janelle Foster reports that Lee Berry Corn will have a Texas Ranger stone in at Mountain View Cemetery, Kerrville, Kerr, Texas

Sarah "Sallie" Lee Anne NEWSOM

1.  Janelle Foster reports the name as  Sallie Lee Newson one place and Sallie Ann Newson another place.