Earl Jones Genealogy



1.  James was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

2.  James was killed by an express train @ Frenches Depot.

Hendricus "Hendrick" KUYKENDALL "Sr"

1.  Samuel Decker Coykendall, responsible for the translation and publication of the Kingston Dutch Reformed Church Records, is the direct descendant of Hendrick.

Elizabeth COOL

1.  The surname may be Cole.

Catryntje "Catherine" KOOL

1.  The name Catryntje (Cole) (Kuykendall) (Rosenkrans) was reported by one source


1.  Alternate spelling of Surname:  Marck....this is what the children were carrying...

Jacomyntje [Jemima] Jcaobz van KUYKENDALL

1.  James D. Kuykendall lists birth of Jemima as 1654.  [From the index of Fort Orange Court Minutes 1652-1660]

Urbanus Luursen van KUYKENDALL

1.  Urbanus  spent his lifetime as a metselaers [stonemason] in New Netherlands and may have been recruited with his brother Jacob into the in the service of the Dutch West India Company because of that profession.

2.  The children's surname was given as "Urbanszen" by another source.

3.  From the chronology compiled from the New York Dutch Reform Church records, Urbanus's family consisted of four children at the time he arrived in New Amsterdam and was soon to be the father of another son, who in keeping witht he Dutch custom of naming children, would be named Urbanus after himself.

4.  Unfortunately, before the last child was born, Urbanus may have been one of the 61 persons who perished on the ship "De Princes" [Prinses Amelia] that was in a storm, swept into Bristol Channel & wrecked and sank off the coast of Wales on September 27th 1647 on a return trip to Amsteram.

5.  The court records found in The New York Historical Manuscripts-Dutch, Vol III translations dated 19 Sep 1648 reads:

Power of Attorney from Janntje Claes, widow of Urbanus Luyersz, to her mother, Beatrix Hermans, to collect wages earned by her deceased husband on the ship De Princes.

[18b]  Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of Netherland, appeared Jannetje Claes, widow of Urbanus Luyersen from Wangeningen, in his lifetime mason in New Netherland in the service of the honorable West India Company, who appoints and empowers, as she does, hereby, her mother, Bejatres Hermans, residing at Amsterdam, on Boom Street, to ask, demand and receive in her, the principal's, name from the honorable directors of the chartered West India Company, at the chamber of Amsterdam, the sum of two hundred and twenty one guilders, one silver and 5/3 pennies, earned from their honors by her aforesaid deceased husband on the board the ship De Princes, as appears by the accompanying account.

On payment of the said sum by the honorable directors to the above named Bejatres Harmans or her order, she is authorized to execute therefore a formal receipts in full, which shall be valid, she, Jannetje Claesz, holding as valid whatever shall be done and transacted in the matter aforesaid by her above mentioned mother.

Thus done and signed in the record by the above named Jannetie Claes, with Jacob Kip and Gysbert Abramsz, as witnesses hereto invited, the 19th of September 1648, in New Amsterdam.

Yanse Claes
Gysbert Abramse & Jacob Kip - Witnesses

Acknowledged before me
Cor. Van Tienh[oven], Secretary

Jannetie "Jane Boone" Boanes CLAES

1.  Jannetje Claes, widow of Urbanus Lueerson was the daughter of Beatrix Hermans Claes and lived on Boomstraat [Boom Street] very near the Noorderkerk in the Jordaan District.


1.  Beatrix Hermans, mother of Jannetje Claes (Boanes), received Power of Attorney  to collect 221 guilders that Urbanus earned on the ship De Princes on September 19, 1648.

2.  She resided at Boom Street in Amsterdam.


1.  The first eight (8) children of Abraham & Betsy were born in Buncombe County, North Carolina before 1818.

2.  Information from Mrs. Betty Kuykendall Price "First Families".

3.  On the 1870 Cherokee County, Georgia Census, Abraham is 98 and Betsy is 92.

Rev. Joseph Judson BYERS

1.  Joseph was a Minister in the Primitive Baptist Church at Mud Creek, Buncombe, North Carolina.

2.  They moved to Habersham County, Georgia by 1830.

Mary Esther "Polly" KUYKENDALL

1.  Mary & Josephs's l0 children were born in Buncombe and Haywood Counties, North Carolina between 1805 and 1824.